Assignment Instructions

  1. Review the following resources:
    1. Course textbook
    2. Health and social service resources currently available in Sentinel City® (SC)
    3. Meet with Mayor Franklin Hill to discuss health and social services available in the city
  2. Enter Sentinel City®(SC) and begin the bus tour of your selected community within SC. Note comparisons between SC and your selected SC community.
  3. Select a population group (i.e. children, teens, homeless, elderly, veterans, etc.) and identify three health and social service resources available to address the needs of your selected population group and the community in which the services are located. This may be outside of your selected community. Where are the services available in SC?
  4. Then recommend two additional health and/or social service resources, currently not available, that should be made available to address the needs of your selected population group.
  5. Provide a rationale for each of your recommendations.
  6. What are potential outcomes if additional resources are not available to your selected population group?
  7. For questions, contact your instructor.


Learning Objectives

  • Identify the health and social service resources available in a specific community
  • Recognize the health and/or social service needs of a specific population group
  • Use an evidence-based approach to identify health and social services resources for a specific population group
  • Describe the impact on the health of a specific population group if resources are not available



Subsystem: Health & Social Services
Current Health & Social Service Resources & LocationRecommended Health or

Social Service Resources


Evidence-Based Rationale

*cite here and create a reference list on the next page

Potential Outcomes if Additional Resources are Not Available











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