Help Write a 4-5 pg Article write-up not counting the Title and reference page in APA Format.

See Instructions:

Student will select a topic related to Operations Management then research, synthesize, analyze and develop a write-up of the topic  synthesize, analyze and develop a write-up of the question. The paper should in part reflect your own insight and demonstrate critical thinking, analysis, and writing. Your sources with be a collection of articles that you collect and organize. The purpose of this exercise is to:

a) To introduce students to the sources of information on the subject matter and to increase their interest and knowledge on a specific topic.

b) To learn about the integrative approach in managerial problem solving and to see the interrelationships between quantitative and qualitative analysis.

c) To provide meaning and new insights into the business decision making process.

d) To increase the level of communication and discussion in a quantitative class.

Articles may be selected from various business and management journals such as Harvard Business Review, Business Week, California Management Review, Quality Progress, Journal of Quality Management, Supply Chain Management Review, International Journal of Technology Management, Academy of Management Review, and so forth. Many of these and related journals are mentioned at the end of each chapter of your textbook.

An article write-up should include:

1. A critical analysis of the article

2. Your personal experience with some of the issues involved.  Articles have been attached along with link to the text book that must be used as a reference.

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