Analyze the new data (based on the survey from the links you sent to your friends and family) in the file posted.The file will be postedPost your own analysis, a conclusion, and then think about whether there are other simple questions that could be used to improve the survey.What can you learn from the results of this survey:    Analyze the results and comment about what you learn (write at least 2 learnings as a minimum–try to not to repeat what others say)–especially the information which surprises you.  Consider commenting about what people value most; comment on brands by age group; which age group is most willing to spend more on sustainability; whether “Made in USA” is important to them–and to which age group, and more.  (5-10 sentences)Conclusion: Imagine that you work for JCPenney, Macy’s, Walmart or Target–or any budget or moderate price point retailer.  The latest project in the company is to be more sustainable. This survey was sent to your customers.   Since you are in the Fabric Development group, you’ve been thinking about using sustainable materials which will either increase the cost of the fabric thus raising the price of the garment or result in sacrifices (lowering the weight of the fabric or using different fiber content that will keep the fabric at an affordable price).  Based on this survey, will you decide to use more expensive materials or not?  Explain what facts in the survey support your decision.  (5-10 sentences)

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