Systems Theory in Psychology

Provide an Assessment and Intervention plan for the following case scenario:John, a six-year old male, was referred to your office by his pediatrician.  His presenting problem is aggressive and demanding behavior at home and conflict at school with other students.  John arrives for the initial consultation with his mother – his father was unable to attend the initial consultation session.  John is in the first grade.  He resides with his mother (Susan), and father (Charles).  Susan and Charles has been married for eight years.  Susan is a “stay-at-home” Mom.  Charles works for Susan’s father in the family car sales dealership.  He is an accountant and works long hours, often late into the evening.  Susan reports a high level of marital distress and lack of intimacy.  Susan suspects that Charles may be on the verge of having an affair with his secretary.Using the textbook and any other resources you wish to access, provide a detailed family-systems based assessment and intervention recommendation.  Provide appropriate references of any research that informs your assessment2-3 pages

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