• Paragraph one: (10-15 sentences) Summarize the talk. What are the main points. Give examples. What conclusions did the speaker make?
  • Paragraph two: (10-15 sentences) Critique the talk. Give your evaluation of the speaker’s ideas. What do you think were the best ideas? What were the weak points? Are there any relevant points that the speaker neglected to raise? Why do you think this speaker’s ideas are creative? What is innovative about their thinking? Why did you select this talk? How do the ideas relate to you? Make sure you include first person statements such as: “I selected this talk because… I think the speaker’s best idea is….I think this speaker’s ideas are creative because….” “I think the speaker’s weakest point was…” ” I think the speaker neglected to point out that….We want to hear your evaluation of the talk, the pros and cons. Put some thought into your response.

You do not have to write like the essay.

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