Ten history questions. Please be specific and illustrate your reasons

  • How did civilizations along the Fertile Crescent co-exist, including Mesopotamians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Israelites? Be specific.
  • How did the social hierarchy in Vedic India transform the concept of the ancient civilization?
  • What allowed the empire of Carthage to make such an impact in the Mediterranean, leading to an inevitable conflict with the Romans?
  • Describe the uniqueness of Athens, Greece at implementing and maintaining a democratic form of government. How was this move so controversial?
  • Did the rise of Christianity play a role in the fall of Rome? Why or why not?
  • Why did Hinduism and Buddhism both flourish within India?
  • What were the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity and how did this lead to the Crusades, the religious wars of influence?
  • Describe the three dominant Chinese schools of philosophy and the impact each played in the formation of the empire.
  • How did the Black Death in Europe change people’s perceptions of the religious society they lived in, both in Christian and Muslim populations?
  • Why did the early Age of Exploration take place and how did it transform the idea of the civilized world?
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