For this class you are working on a number of dimensions of good writing, one of which is effectively writing with readers in mind. The book by Graff and Birkensten, They Say, I Say,(hereafter referred as “Graff”) is intended to learn structures for presenting ideas with readers as the point of the writing. Therefore, every week you’ll be assigned chapters to read and, following the reading, exercises to complete.

Below is the next activity.

Read Chapter Ten of Graff (pp 129-137).

Next, refer to your research sources in your annotated bibliography. Write a paragraph — one that will then appear in the body of your research paper — that makes use of TWO of the metacommentary templates offered you on pages 135, 136 and 137. Choose what’s most relevant for your own argument and paper. Exact words matter less than capturing the sense of making metacommentary.

Of course, be sure your paragraph uses correct MLA style in-text citations.

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