The Art of Fielding Analysis Questions

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  • There are many questions to consider (not answer for an assignment). Here are just a few to get you started to analyzing this story in an in-depth way. Remember, besides the work of this week, there will be a required question on the final exam dealing with the novel.1. Henry and Mike reach for some kind of ideal. Consider what those ideals are. What comes of this? Are there positive results? Negative consequences?2. The novel has many allusions to Moby Dick. What are the implications of this? How does that affect your understanding of the novel?3. Not only do young characters appear in this college-baseball story but older ones do too. There is a sense that much of the novel has to do with innocence vs. experience, as is fitting for the college setting. Also, what about the idea of youth-age that we have encountered this term- how does it play out here?4. Much of the novel has to do with the struggle to find one’s place in the world. How do the different characters deal with this challenge?5. Of course, the story is a human struggle with themes that appear in non-sports stories. But what about the world of sports affects this particular story? What about sports shapes these struggles that be a part of any kind of story?6. What kind of meaning(s) do you take away from this story? How do we feel about how the characters end up?

Consider the list of quotes from The Art of Fielding that is provided for you on this page. Choose three quotes and explain where it comes from and any underlying meaning that is important to understanding the characters and/or the story of the novel.

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