Human beings across the globe, regardless of cultural differences, are continually experiencing the effects of time. We either don’t feel we have enough time, we feel time passes too quickly, we feel time passing us by, we witness how things change over time, or time impacts us in a variety of other ways. Choose three examples from three different authors, what are three significant(specific) instances where we have seen time experienced by a character or discussed within a literary text? What is the context for the discussion or how is the character experiencing time? What lesson can we, as readers, take away from reading about time in these various contexts. minimum of 750 words. you can only use examples as shown below.

Examples you can choose

Borges, the garden of forking paths

Cortazar, house taken over

Solzhenitsyn, Matryona’s home

Walcott, ruins of a great house, Crusoe’s journal, north and south

Heaney, digging, the tollund man, the haw lantern

Munro, walker brothers cowboy

Garcia Marquez, death constant beyond love

El Saadawi, in camera

Al-Shaykh, the women’s swimming pool

Yan, the old gun

Allende, and of clay we are created

Diaz, drown

Bolano, sensini

Pamuk, to look out the window

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