1. Print out or copy the “Respond” questions into your own word processing program to record your findings.
  2. Follow the directions to read the background material and conduct research on Langston Hughes. After completing the chart, compose your paragraph as directed. Remember that your paragraph should have a clear topic sentence and should be approximately 7 to 12 sentences in length.
  3. When you have finished, submit your answers

Site 1: Langston Hughes at The Academy of American Poets
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “browse all 13 poems.”
  • Read an example of the first-person, lyric voice of Langston Hughes (“Dream Variations,” “I, Too, Sing America,” or others).
  • Read examples of the dramatic voice of Alberta K. Johnson (poems with “Madam” in the title).
  • Record the required information about voice, tone, and attitude in the graphic organizer on the Respond sheet.
Site 2: Langston Hughes
  • Listen to at least one of the four recordings of episodes from the Jesse B. Semple collections. To select an episode, read the overviews. Notice the contrasts between the voice of Simple and the narrator who asks him questions.
  • Identify the voice, tone, and attitude of both Simple and the narrator using the graphic organizer on the Respond sheet. Remember to consider what the oral reading conveys about voice, tone, and attitude.
  • Read additional selections from either of these two web sites if time permits. Extend your graphic organizer to show the information you collect.
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