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comment on these two :

1. Pedro Hidalgo

Teenage drug abuse is one of the scary issue for parents during the life span adolescent, teens who abuse drug can have a grater risk of developing and addiction when they are adults. For example, I am from Peru in my country I saw a lot of teenagers use drug even when they are in the university and adults. This problem is like a plague, when I came to U.S.A. I seen the same problem. The problem is some parents did not care their children always they say “I am busy” or “I am working” always their children are leaving along, they did not have a control or a good information about “The effect of use drug in their life” cause and effect. Even some parent did not have a good information about it. Sometime, depression anxiety and other mental health concerns can manifest in children at a young age in those case who face these issues are more likely to have a substance abuse problem. Government agencies, community leader and school officials are always on the lookout for new ways to prevent teenage substance abuse they are looking for tee drug use prevention are education and parental involvement.

2. Zianne Florit-Rosario

The title itself immediately caught my attention. 24% chance of becoming addictive to a controlled substance during teenage years versus FOUR percent chance after 21 years old. That’s a huge difference in my opinion but makes total sense to why individuals who start smoking cigarettes during their teenage years have such a hard time quitting later on, especially when smoking only 10 cigarettes can have you hooked. Amir Levine mentioned how during the adolescent years are a crucial time for addiction developments and, as a mother, it puts me on “high alert” to educate my son on these facts/studies/possibilities. My teenage years aren’t such a distant memory to me and I remember thinking I was “grown” and could do it all but I was also very aware that my decisions at that age could easily harm my future, others don’t realize that until years after high school. I may think my mom is a “Jesus-Obsessed” control freak but thanks to her keeping a close eye on me I never did any controlled substances growing up, and I cannot stand the smell of cigarettes so I knew I’d never smoke those. I believe knowledge is power and education is key, so many reckless decisions are made by pure ignorance.

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