Each student will be required to write a theoretical counseling orientation paper. This will included four parts: personal reaction, worldview, theoretical orientation, and apply the theory to Stan and Ruth. A review of literature (within six years) should support the information used. You must include a reference least five peer-reviewed articles and the textbook The paper should be double be doubled-spaced, and a minimum of three pages and a max of five pages in length, however, if you extend five pages you will not be penalized. It must be in APA format. This will be submitted through the Dropbox, Theoretical Orientation. The book used for this course is Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy Tenth Edition by Gerald Corey. Attached is the layout of the paper.

Below is the rubric of the paper:

Two approaches discussed with process and techniques, likes and dislikes, strengths and weakness, and a critique. Includes references.

Two approaches discussed with no references evident or limited paraphrasing.

Two approaches present, but missing one part.

Only one approach discussed or missing two parts.

No approaches.

Provided a clear explanation of beliefs, view of the world, and counseling.

Brief statements about beliefs, view of the world, and counseling.

Missing one part of the explanation or unclear.

Missing two parts of the explanation.

Not included.

Choose a theory or theories. Explanation of the orientation and why and how it can be used.

All included, but limited explanation.

Missing the explanation of one part or vague and unclear.

Missing more than one part of the explanation.

No orientation included.

Applied the theoretical orientation to Stan with the explanations of techniques and procedures. Cultural consideration.

All parts are included, but limited explanation of how orientation is applied.

Missing cultural consideration or techniques and procedures.

Theoretical orientation is inproperly applied.

No application.

Correct APA format with cover page, one-inch margin, headers, references, citations, and no grammatical errors.

Correct APA format with minor grammatical errors.

An incorrect format in some part of the APA format or several grammatical errors.

Missing a part of the APA format or many grammatical errors.

Not in APA format.

Overall Score
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