Theoretical Perspectives

Learners taking this course come from a variety of specializations. For example, some of you come from the lenses of School, Addictions, Mental Health, or Career Counseling. Given this variety, apply your readings and understandings about career theories and consultation in your specialization to the following case scenario. You may also want to apply the research findings from the article you found in this unit, if applicable. Be sure to clearly identify your specialization in your post.

Read the scenario below and apply a theoretical framework from either Holland or Krumboltz. In your discussion, state the theory you are applying along with the key principles and explain how this theory could be used to assist the client. The case scenario is brief, but you may embellish as needed to completely address this discussion.


Jose is a 20-year-old male and just earned his high school diploma. Jose completed a fifth year of high school to earn the needed credits for his diploma. Jose has lived with his maternal grandparents since he was five years old due to his mother’s involvement with illegal drugs.

Jose came to the counseling center today because he does not know where to look for work now that he has completed high school. Jose’s friend, Tara, told him that you could help him find a job. He worked at a fast food restaurant for a couple of summers but he does not want to do that type of work again. Jose is the first to finish high school in his family and his grandmother told him it is time for him to go to work so he can help with the family expenses. Jose describes a very close relationship with his grandmother who gave up a lot to care for him. She is now 70 and in poor health. She had to stop her part-time job a few months ago due to illness.

As you talk with Jose you learn that he failed most of his classes the first two years of high school, but the last three years he has done very well. Jose proudly tells you that he graduated with a 2.9 GPA. Jose does not see himself attending college, because he needs to go to work to help his grandmother. Jose is soft spoken with limited eye contact, but is very polite in his responses.


Use your Career Counseling text to read the following:

  • Chapter 1, “Historical Development and Some Basic Issues,” pages 2–19.
  • Chapter 2, “Theories of Career Development,” pages 20–76.
  • Appendix B, “Table of Basic Assumptions, Key Terms, and Outcomes,” pages 413–415.

Use the Capella University Library to read the following:

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