Theory Development – PHENOMENON OF CARING

Goal: To develop a nursing theory that addresses a phenomenon in the workplaceObjectives: Students will demonstrate knowledge and competencies required for theory development. By meeting the following criteria for this theory development assignment. Students will:1.  Read chapters 4 & 5 of course text (attached below “Nursing Theorists and Their Work” as well as attached powerpoint describing chapter 4 “theory development chapter 4 overview”2.  Identify workplace, role and identify and define (2) concept(s), describe phenomena as abstract or concreteConcepts & definitions1.  Identify and define the concepts theoretically (establish meaning)2.  Identify and define the concepts operationally (use measurable terms)Relational statements1.  Develop theoretical and operational relational statements or propositions to build a theory2.  theoretical statements (relate concepts to one another; permit analysis)3.  operational statements (relate concepts to measurements)Linkages & Ordering providesrationalefor the stated connections1.  Build relationships with linkages between related concepts2.  Develop theoretical linkages3.  Develop operational linkages15-20 SLIDESAPA STYLEFOLLOW FORMAT OF ATTACHMENT “THEORY DEVELOPMENT FOLLOW FORMAT”

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