Theory Logic Model for Your Project 2

A logic model or program theory is a description or model frequently pictorial of how a program is supposed to achieve its expected outcomes and solve the identified problem for which it was created. It creates a logical links between expected outcomes and the activities designed to achieve them and incorporates the evidence-based theoretical assumptions that explain how the activities will lead to outcomes. A program theory or logic model is NOT the theoretical framework on which your project is based although it may be related to a theoretical framework. A theoretical or conceptual framework is a general theory that explains why some things happen. A program theory or logic model is unique to your project and explains how it is supposed to work.Assignment Prompt1. Develop a one-page diagram of theoretical foundation for your project/program, describing how and why your project should achieve the desired outcome. Add references on the second page. You may arrange items in the diagram in any way you choose, but the diagrams should include each of the following components and show the logical connections between them:. The need or problem to be addressed by the project/program with supporting dataa. The context for the project/program (attach a reference list with your diagram)b. The strategy (ies) proposed to address the need/problemc. The evidence bases for the proposed strategies (attached a reference list with your diagram)d. Factors that will influence the use of strategye. The expected outcomes of the project/programf. The resulting impact of the project/program if the outcomes are achieved.ExpectationsDue: Monday, 11:59 pm PTLength: Two pages (1st page for diagram, 2nd page for references)Format: APA Style (7th ed.), one-inch margins with double spacing,      proper APA formattingResearch: Scholarly (peer-reviewed) contemporary  reference(s)      within the last 5 yearsWriting: Use correct grammar and sentence construction: Clear      expression of ideasFile Title: Save the file with Student First Name_Last Name_Title      of assignmentCan hourly rounding reduce falls, injuries and healthcare associated infections?My PICOT question is on a medical-surgical hospital unit (P), how does implementing hourly nursing rounding (I), compared to no scheduled rounding (C), affect patient safety (O), within 6 months of implementing (T)?P – medical-surgical hospital unitI – implementing hourly nursing roundingC – no scheduled roundingO – patient safetyT – 6 months

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