Please follow these detailed instructions for completing Paper #2.


For this paper you will choose one from the following topics to analyze:

  • Education
  • Dating
  • War
  • Human Trafficking

Your paper must be minimum three pages, college level quality, with proper spacing, grammar, paragraphs, spelling, etc. It is okay to go over the minimum page length.

Part 1: Introduce the topic you have chosen to analyze and the theory you will be using to analyze that topic.

Part 2: Introduce the theory you will be using to analyze this topic. Discuss the assumptions/premises of the theory using correct theory language.

Part 3: Apply the theory you’ve chosen to the topic you’ve chosen giving at least three examples of how this theory applies to the topic you’ve chosen. Please use proper theory language; in other words explain what the terms mean before and as you apply them.

I also need clear outline

be sure you read the instructions and rubric which are in the files

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