This is the same assignment as the mid-term paper, except that now you are required to choose a building from the period covered in the second half of the semester ( ie. 1100-1650AD). Length of final paper: 1200 words. For each paper, you may find it helpful to choose buildings that you know at first hand. You are not required to choose buildings that I have discussed in class but you must obtain my approval for your choice by e-mail ( before you start your research. You will also be required to submit an annotated bibliography and an outline of your paper before the final paper is due. Please follow the Chicago Manual of Style for your bibliography: The annotations for each bibliographical entry can be quite short – a couple of sentences – but they should explain why the item is relevant to and authoritative for your research. Papers should be double space and the word count noted at the end. The submissions via email should be in the form of Word documents, PDFs or pasted into the text of the email; please do not submit any other file types (e.g. PAGES)

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