Three different discussions for religion class

Discussion 1Post your thread about the norms that dictate the conduct of the members of a church. Are these norms written or unwritten? Describe the various roles of members within the church, and the networks of connections among the members. How are intrarole conflicts and interrole conflicts resolved?Discussion 2Post your thread on the influence and power seen in prisons, and as seen in the Milgram’s study.Discussion 3Module/Week 5 relates the story of Phineas Gage, whose name appears in virtually every general psychology textbook. After a heavy metal rod was blown through his frontal and temporal lobes, Phineas experienced dramatic behavioral change. The study of the trauma and its physiological effects provided the first documented evidence of how brain injury can affect human behavior.Identify the change in Phineas’s behavior that was concerning to Phineas and to those around him.Describe what might be done today to help him compensate or adjust to his losses.Explain what is necessary to know about the brain to understand what happened to Phineas.

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