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Read the Critical Essay Prompt, then write furiously for 15 minutes, brainstorming answers to the core question of “what can home mean?” AND/OR come up with your own version of the question (as discussed in the prompt)

Have fun, take risks, try to come up with the most complex, surprising, compelling, or arguable answer/s that you can.

Also try to come up with reasoning for your answer/s. Not just ‘this is what home can mean’ but this is WHY I believe that, or this is what I mean by that, or this is the reason that matters.

Other questions that you should consider. How has my understanding of my hometown changed since taking this class? How has writing about my hometown helped me understand the importance of home, or place more widely, in our lives? How has this class (its reading, its writing) helped me understand the way we can use our thinking and expression of ‘place’ (or home) to transmit meanings and messages about our lives? That is, is ‘place’ a vehicle or metaphor for other parts of our lives?

Essentially may approach this assignment in any way you see fit, but think about it as a precursor to your Critical Essay.

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