Top-down classification​ and Bottom-up classification​

Top-down classification

  1. Classify the academic subject area Humanities (one level down).
  2. Classify the academic subject area Arts (one level down).
  3. Classify the academic subject area Sciences (two levels down).
  4. Classify the academic subject area Business Management (one level down).
  5. Classify the academic subject area Criminal Justice Systems (one level down).

Bottom-up classification

  1. Classify Dog, Poodle, Cat, Horse, Pig, Tiger, and Mammal.
  2. Classify Maple, Lily, Daisy, Orchid, Liverworts, and Grass.
  3. Classify Gold, Antimony, Platinum, Silver, Arsenic, Copper, Bismuth, Diamond, Graphite, and Sulfur.
  4. Classify Horizontal, Rectangular, Large, Round, Infinitesimal, and Vertical.
  5. Classify Baptist, Methodist, Jewish, Religion, and Catholic.
  6. Classify CD Player, Audio Equipment, CD, Wall Speaker, and Receiver.
  7. Classify all the courses you take in the freshman year according to their academic subjects.
  8. Classify all the things in one of the classrooms on campus.
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