1.Submit a paragraph about a specific topic regarding psychology and the law that focuses on the topic for your final project.

2.Include the following in your paragraph:

a.An explanation of the topic and how it relates to the course material

b.Explain why you chose topic and why it is of interest to you

c.Explain any problems you might find in examining this topic.

d.Which academic sources will you explore for the final paper?

3.Choose your topic wisely, as it is unlikely your instructor will allow you to change the topic in mid-term.

Resources to consult: Library journal articles, educational websites (.gov or .edu) and textbooks (for this class).

Ideas to Consider

Stress Management


Conduct Disorder

Violence and aggression

Therapy for depression

Therapy for anxiety disorders

Effects of violent television shows on children

Thinking and Problem Solving

Child Abuse

Dissociative Disorders

Positive Psychology

Text anxiety

Death, Dying, and Bereavement


Support Groups

Personality Assessment

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