I work for a small business, “ITC Productions”. I am a manager over a department of 20 employees. Typical duties include: Write and develop business reports and proposals, develop and give presentations at meetings. My department also prints documents of different types and colors. The printer should be available to the department via the company network. The department will also use it to scan document over the network.

You will present three possible solutions and then select one of them as your final recommendation.

Develop a memo from your IT company. Share the three possibilities with specifications. Recommend a specific make and model with justification. It is important that you perform a total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis to help justify the purchase for each of your printers reviewed.

Show TCO calculations over 3 years for each printer you select in a spreadsheet embedded in the memo. Include information about the printer: Duty cycle, pages per minute, costs, pages per toner cartridge, features, etc., Drum replacement pages and other costs. What does it cost per page printed?

As added support, please included your website research printouts with printer specs. Spec sheets must be printed directly from the Internet or in PDF form and submitted to blackboard.

Givens: Price of a Ream (500 sheets) of paper is $4.25. Department prints about 16,000 pages of B/W documents per month. Department prints out 4500 pages of color documents per month. The scanner is used about 100 times a month to scan a document and send via email.


  • Memo of printer recommendation. includes three printers with one recommended.
  • Include a spreadsheet showing/comparing specifications for each of the printers and the TCO over 3 years with costs. Be specific. This should be easy to read and review.
  • Include printout or PDF documents from website for printer information.


Writing mechanics and appearance matter.
Do NOT plagiarize (i.e., using someone else’s writing and present it as your own).

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