Site 1: Tragic Hero Classical Definition
  • Read about the tragic hero and the epic struggle against fate.
Site 2: Oedipus the King
  • Read Oedipus’s lines 139-152 from the play.
  • Note on the chart (on the Respond sheet) any words and phrases that reveal what he thinks of himself and his powers as king.
  • Read lines 871-911 from the chorus.
  • Note on the chart key phrases that tell what happens to the man who becomes prideful and ignores the gods.
  • Read Oedipus’s lines 1357-1406 at the end of the play.
  • Make note of key words and phrases that reveal the change in Oedipus once he has accepted the truth about himself.

Gathering Information

Passage 1: List key words and phrases that reveal Oedipus’s pride.

Passage 2: List key words and phrases from the chorus that tell what the gods do to a prideful man.

Passage 3: List key words and phrases that show Oedipus’s suffering.

passage 4

On the back of this sheet, write a paragraph addressing the Focus Question: How is hubrisrevealed in Oedipus Rex? Be sure to use specific details from the passages you have read.

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