trip to the mall

Analyze various case examples by:a. Identifying physical performance impairments during an occupation.b. Selecting appropriate tests to assess the indentified physical performance deficits.c. Determining and defending which model of practice/frame of reference would best guide the treatment of the identified impairments.d. Implementing the selected frame of reference/model of practice in correcting, or compensating, for the identified impairments.Curriculum thread(s) addressed:· Occupation centered practiceRole      AcquisitionAssignment Objective(s):· The student will demonstrate proficiency in applying Activity Analysis to a wheelchair activity that requires propulsion and mobility throughout a mall or shopping center.· Student will engage in IADLS:o Shoppingo Car transferso Functional Mobility to include:o Accessing a water fountaino Accessing the elevatoro Accessing the restrooms.o Other functional mobility related activities· The students will be assigned the above described functional activity which they will perform resembling a patient with a pre-determined diagnosis and disability.· Students will analyze the functional activity outcome and submit a written assignment (minimum 3-4 pages) utilizing the following structure:o Description of the activity(including listing the most significant steps)o Analysis of client factors and performance skills,o Demands and requirements of the activity,o Environmental and physical context assessment,o List of recommendations that are evidence based

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