Choose one episode, character of aspect of the Trojan cycle that you would like to discuss. Make sure it is a narrow and defined topic (“The Iliad” is not a good topic; but “The Shield of Achilles” is, for example). You should also mention here at least two Classical texts that you plan to discuss and quote

(i.e. The Iliad and The Aeneid). You should also here list at least three scholarly sources that you will use. The best source to find them is the MSU library website. Choose preferably those marked as ACADEMIC JOURNAL or ACADEMIC PERIODICAL. Each article should be at least 10 pages or so (not 1 and a half, for example). You can also use scholarly books or chapters of books, but not textbooks, encyclopedias or compendia. They have to be full articles, not reviews of other books or articles. WEBSITES ARE NOT ALLOWED AS SOURCES AND SHOULD NOT BE LISTED. When you list an academic source do not provide the web address (unless the journal is published only online), but rather provide author, date of publication, place or publication and publisher. Entries should look like this:Salzman-Mitchell, P. and Alvares, J. (2018). Classical Myth and Film in the New Millennium. New York: Oxford University Press. (book)Sharrock, A. R. (1991). “Womanufacture.” Journal of Roman Studies 81: 36-49. (article. Note that for articles you should provide the name of the journal, volume and page numbers)Feeney, D. E. (1990). “The Taciturnity of Aeneas.” In S. Harrison ed., Oxford Readings in Vergil’s Aeneid. Oxford University Press: 167-190 (chapter in a book. Note that you need to give the page numbers for that specific

chapter.-Note that titles of books and journals go in Italics. Titles of chapters or journal articles go in

between “…”

-Follow instructions for the draft of the term paper.

-The term paper should be about 1500 words.

-You must include and discuss at least four quotes from the Classical texts you are working with. When

you refer to Classical sources give book and verse numbers or number of the passage in the original text

(not the page number of the translation you are using – if possible)

-You must include, refer to (in footnotes or in the text) to each of your bibliographical sources at least

once. Every time you refer to scholarly sources you must provide the page numbers from where you took

the quote.

-If you wish, you can discuss one image related to your topic (optional)

Odyssey is the classical text you should use for the 4 quotes. Also use text from Aeneid passage.

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