Essay Number 1

What did congressmen David Wilmot of Pennsylvania propose in 1846 regarding slavery and its expansion? What effect did this have On party politics and what new political party emerged in 1848? Where did support come from for this new party and why did they support it? How did California influence the debate On slavery’s expansion and what was the compromise that laid the groundwork for future sectional divides? Finally, what did Stephan Douglas propose in 1854, what were the implications of his proposal, and what was the underlying principle of his proposal? I will send you pictures of the book its character 13

Essay Number 2

How did marginalized groups (Native Americans, African Americans, and women) participate during the Civil War? What impact if any did their participation have On notions of liberty and freedom in particular their own? Finally, what experience did African Americans and women share in common in both the North and South and how did their experiences differ? I will send you pictures of the book its character 14

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