Choose ONE of the prompts listed in the Module 3 Primary Source Assignments Prompts file, do the necessary reading in Reilly’s “Worlds of History” and write an essay in response. MLA format, 2 pages in lenght

Chapter 9
Read all of the primary and secondary source selections from this text and write an essay comparing and contrasting each of the cultures represented in this chapter and their different views of what the relationship was between love sex and marriage. Remember that the function of the historian is to understand, not to make judgments.

Chapter 10
Read all of the primary source selections in this chapter and then write an essay listing the different points of view represented in these sources and comparing and contrasting their accounts of the First Crusade. Taking all of them into account, what things can we say are probably true that all of the authors might have agreed upon?

Chapter 12
Read the secondary source selection by Dols and the primary source selections from Boccaccio and al-Maqrizi and write an essay discussing how the primary source selections help illustrate the points dols makes in his selection.

You are NOT being asked to summarize the chapter. Read the prompt, think about the issues raised, and write an essay using the primary sources to illustrate your arguments.

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