Short-Answer Questions

Write 100-word response to each of the following prompts:

  • In what ways do teams differ from groups? What factors contribute to a team? When have you worked in a team? What was your experience like?
  • What are some different types of teams? What are the goals of each type of team? What differences are there in how team members work together in these different teams?
  • What are some examples of effective communication and listening skills for teams? What makes these skills effective? What are some of your strengths and weaknesses when communicating in a team? How can you work on the areas that need improvement?
  • Describe effective communication and listening skills.
  • Form, Storm, Norm, Perform … stages of group development?Why is this important information? Have you had experiences you can relate to the stages going especially well or not so well?
  • Too often there is the perspective that full delegation is the only actual delegation. It isn’t. And it can cause failure and frustration. The big point is have a clear understanding between the person delegating and the person being delegated to about the level of freedom. to simply do the research and return with information? should I make suggestions? or am I to develop a whole action plan and return for feedback?
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