For the following essay provide a well-argued response using evidence to back your position. Double-spaced, one inch margins, and 12 point Arial or Times Roman font. The essay should be 3 1/2 pages in length.

The prompt: Discuss British patriotism and how it influenced 18th century political thought especially in Colonial America. How did the British perceive liberty, were their perceptions valid, and how was this notion debated in British North America? What was the concept of liberalism in the 18th century(discuss this), and why was this concept revolutionary? How did the colonists embrace this concept, and was it accessible to all? Finally, is the liberalism of the 18th century still valid today or would you suggest a new concept or political philosophy to govern society?

1. The name of the book: Give Me Liberty Eric Foner 5th edition.

2. Don’t use any sources outside the book, please.

3. Two sources needed from the book.

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