The United States and Japan have different ideas on how to approach fire prevention. In this week’s Assignment you will research how Japan and the United States view and approach fire prevention and the code enforcement development process. As you conduct your research, consider your own perspective how diversity may influence fire prevention and how your views might benefit the organization and the community.

Write a 750-1,050 word paper comparing and contrasting how the United States and Japan deal with fire prevention. Include the following in your essay:

Part I

  • Describe the United States perspective on approaching fire prevention.
  • Describe the ICC model code development process utilized in the United States.
  • Describe the NFPA model code development process utilized in the United States.
  • Describe the Japanese perspective on approaching fire prevention.
  • Compare the view of fire prevention in Japan to the United States. How are they similar? How do they differ?
  • Part II

  • How might your views of multiculturalism and diversity influence your perspective of what type of person is needed for fire prevention? Explain your rationale.
  • Describe how you might utilize your perspectives on multiculturalism and diversity to benefit the organization and the community.
  • Support your rational with a minimum of three credible resources.

    Format your work consistent with APA guidelines.

    Include a title page and reference page.

    This week’s Assignment is designed to provide you with background information on the different code enforcement models used in the United States.

    Read Coffman, B. (2013). Code enforcement: Critical for a successful fire prevention program. Fire Engineering. Retrieved from

    Chapter 2: “Fire Protection Systems and the Model Code Process”

    Building and fire codes provide uniform and consistent standards and guidelines for all parties to maintain public safety in buildings. Although design professionals, contractors, and government and fire officials deal with codes and standards every day, many do not know or understand the process by which these codes and standards evolve. To understand the origin of building, fire, and life safety-related issues and requirements, it is important to know how the code and standards development process works.

    Jr., A.M. J. (2015). Fire Protection Systems, 2nd Edition.

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