UCSD Beliefs about Memory shape inferences from experienced difficulty of recall

I have some requirements about an article.

  1. Summarize the research study, making sure to explain the hypothesis and the findings.
  2. Explain how the article’s findings are connected to the availability heuristic.
  3. Connect the article and the text to romantic relationships – that is, how might the different processes discussed in the article or Chapter 4 influence perceptions in romantic relationships. Identify at least two processes from the text, lecture or article that might color perceptions of a romantic relationship and explain your reasoning.
  4. Extend these ideas: Imagine you are a relationship therapist who wants to improve a couple’s impression of their own relationship? Based on the article, what type of activity might you suggest? Make sure to explain your reasoning.

Response papers should be roughly 2 pages in length, displaying evidence of having read the article carefully, accuracy and clarity in explanations and critical thinking to earn full credit.

Here is the article:


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