Unit 3 Assessment – The Digital Divide

InstructionsIn this unit, you explored different types of digital divides, including geographical (urban-rural), racial, intergenerational, and international. For this assignment, you are to write an essay on how the digital divide you chose affected the ability to use the technological advancement (again your choice) used during the CoVid pandemic.Your completed essay will include at least one paragraph for each of the following:Description of the digital divide chosenExplanation of your choice of the digital divideDescription of technological advancement, including one external referenceDescription of how this advancement was used during the pandemic, include one external reference.A problem shared by both sides of the digital divide chosen includes one (1) external reference.The first problem experienced only by the digitally disadvantaged includes one (1) external reference.The second problem experienced only by the digitally disadvantaged includes one (1) external reference.Your recommendation for how to close the gap to prevent the additional barriers faced by the digitally disadvantaged includes at least one (1) external reference to support your recommendation.Be sure to use appropriate sources for the external references required for this assignment.

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