unit 5 English practice PEER review

Practice Peer Review

Do not begin this discussion until you have thoroughly reviewed all areas and resources in Unit 5. In this discussion, you will post a rough draft of your Explanatory Essay for your peers to review. You will also write a brief explanation of your writing process for your classmates. You will then review the papers of at least two of your classmates.

To complete your posts, follow these steps very carefully and thoroughly:

  1. Carefully review all areas of Unit 5.
  2. Compose your Explanatory Essay draft in full APA format, with your two required sources cited in text and in a References page at the end.
    • Use your prewriting materials from Unit 4 and the feedback you received from your instructor to write a full draft of 3–4 pages. (This page length requirement does not include the title page, the reference page, or the revision statement.)
    • Your Explanatory Essay should explain your topic using rich information from your two sources and from your own understanding of the topic. Integrate quoted and paraphrased information from both sources (your choice from the List of Approved Articles for Writing and your scholarly, peer-reviewed library article) throughout your essay. Incorporate source materials smoothly into your paragraphs, and fully cite the articles in text and in a reference page at the end of your essay.
      • For instructions and examples related to in-text citation and end referencing of articles from your book and from the library, please refer to the Explanatory Essay Sample resource. Refer also to the APA section of A Writer’s Reference, under Article or Chapter in an Edited Book or an Anthology, and Article from a Database, and/or to The Prentice Hall Guide for College Writers, APA Referencing, page 453, Work in an Anthology, and Article from a Journal.
  3. After you have completed these steps, write a main discussion post in which you give your classmates some information about your paper.
    • Explain which techniques for explaining (definition, process analysis, or causal analysis) you used, what plans you have for revisions, and what questions you would like your reviewers to answer.
    • Then attach your draft to the post. Do not write your draft in the text field for the message. Be sure to return to the discussion to find out what your peers and instructor have said about your draft.
    • You are also strongly encouraged to make use of Smarthinking during this drafting and revision stage of your Explanatory Essay. Smarthinking is a free service provided to you as a Capella learner that allows you to submit any writing assignment for a free review from a qualified tutor. If you would like to use this excellent tool, click the link in the Resources section.
  4. Do not begin reading and reviewing your classmates’ essays until you have thoroughly reviewed the media piece, Performing Peer Review: Explanatory Essay.
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