To prepare for this Discussion, create a hypothetical client using the template below. Then, use the template in Course Documents to complete a short service plan for the client. In the body of your response, add the client profile and responses to the questions below. Remember to attach a copy of your service plan to this response.

Hypothetical Client: _________________ (name)

Age ____________ Gender ____________

Presenting problem:

Assessed needs (list all needs from most to least immediate):

Strengths (think of at least two strengths that your client has):


  • Propose a few ways that your agency might be paid for providing case management services to this client (assume that the client cannot pay).
  • Explain how you would monitor the client’s progress in accessing services and meeting self-sufficiency goals.
  • What are some challenges faced by professionals while coordinating services with other agencies?

Here is the book

Title: Fundamentals of Case Management Practice Edition: 4th (2012) Author: Nancy Summers and the chapters we read are 25 and 26

The service plan is below that you will also need to use

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