Using the following scenario, respond to the questions below.

Scenario: Youth Treatment Center

You are a head Case Manager at the Youth Treatment Center in a large city. Your agency is a member of larger consortiums that collaborate to offer services to clients of all member agencies. You were asked by your Director to create an evaluation plan that will assess the effectiveness of case management services delivered by the agency.

Use the following resources, as well as your assigned Reading, to help you develop your plan:

Case Management – Evaluating Client Progress

Source: Case Management: Department of Human Services. Retrieved from:

Outcomes Evaluation Technical Assistance Guide.

  • Briefly explain your plan for evaluating case management services in the Youth Treatment Center.
  • Explain some of the problems that case management teams might encounter when working in rural settings.
  • What are some best practices used to evaluate case management services?

Please follow all directions and please make sure it is 400-450 words thank you

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