BOOK – James West Davidson et al., U.S. A Narrative History, Vol 1 to 1877, 7th Edition

Scenario: You are an intern assigned to help out a new teacher working on material for her class on the Revolutionary Era. Choose 2 of the following chapters to help the teacher. Only 2 chapters will be graded. Do not submit 2 documents – put both answers in one and submit as a pdf, doc or docx file.

Chapter 6 – The teacher wants to give students a strong background on the causes of the Revolution and is thinking of having students do a debate on if the Seven Years’ War or the Boston Tea Party did more to aggravate tensions between Americans and the British. Help her make a decision by making a case for one or the other in a short essay (1-1/2 pages double spaced). Use 3-5 examples from the Davidson text (no outside sources allowed). Cite your examples in footnotes.

Chapter 7 – The teacher knows students understand the basics of the Revolution like the Declaration of Independence and Lexington and Concord. What are 3-5 things from Davidson’s text (no other sources allowed) she should add to her lesson plan on the Revolution and why should she include them? Include at least 1 map, image, chart or primary document. Cite examples in footnotes.

Chapter 8 – Students think the nation was perfectly formed after the Declaration of Independence. Help the teacher prepare her lesson by finding 3-5 examples from the Davidson text (no other sources allowed) to explain how and why this was not the case. Cite examples in footnotes.

Same formatting requirements as Task 1

Due 9/12

45 points

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