using a microscope

  • 1.10 Lab: Using a Microscope (10 pts) You may complete this lab using information in the recorded review and referring to the screenshots on the last page of your lab report. You may also use the virtual lab to complete questions 4 and 5 if you prefer working in the virtual lab environment. Follow these guidelines to help you pass this assignment:1. Open this lab worksheet:1.10 Using a Microscope Lab Report 2018-2019 Word.docx or 1.10 Using a Microscope Lab Report 2018-2019 PDF.pdf2. Review this lab help video:2-5-19 1.10 Using a Microscope Lab ReviewVirtual lab only: Access your virtual lab using this link: 1.10 Using a Microscope Virtual Lab LinkNote: If you are having trouble opening this link, try switching browsers. For example, I can open the link in Firefox, but not Google. If you need an Adobe update, please speak with your learning coach or call tech support prior to running that update to verify you need to do so.Virtual lab only: Complete the virtual lab tutorial. Virtual lab only: Observe the onion slide and draw your two sketches for #4–one on low power (4x or 10x) and one on high power (40x).Virtual lab only: Make a wet mount slide using a drop of hay infusion, the blank glass slide and the cover slip. Observe the hay infusion slide you made and draw your two sketches for #5– one on low power (4x or 10x) and one on high power (40x).7. Complete your lab report by following the instructions in the help video, in your lessons, and on your lab report.8. If you cannot access your virtual lab, no worries. You may use the screenshots of the onion root tip and the hay infusion that I have provided in your lab report to complete questions 4 and 5.9. After you have answered and saved all questions upload and submit your lab report to this folder:1.10 Lab: Using a Microscope
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