using the article to answer the following questions

I don’t know how to handle this Management question and need guidance.

1. What was the short- and long-term significance of the Integral project for the company leaders’ vision and its role to advance and promote the company culture and focus on environmental sustainability?

2. How could Esquel have prepared itself for the risks of this Integral project? What kind of hurdles could its leaders have known they would face as they engaged more deeply in this venture and effort?

3. How did Esquel end up at this juncture where its key internal people and external vendors on the ground did not understand or translate the spirit of the Integral project into action and allowed quality to be sacrificed in the construction over time and cost?

4. What did the company need to do in terms of reorganizing the project to emphasize quality and sustainability as primary and long-term goals?

5. How could Esquel leaders have communicated the 5E Culture and the sustainability goals of the company better to their key employees and external partners and vendors during construction?

6. How could the company prevent similar compromises from occurring during the remaining construction and development activities and, equally important, during the launch and ramp-up of production operations at the site?

7. Were the Roots of the Crisis Technical or Cultural in Nature?

8. What Should be Done? Crisis Recovery and Long-Term Adjustments

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