Utilize this format to analyze the video

(2) What is the source of this video? What is known about this agency or organization? Is there anything you find that might be important to keep in mind when reviewing news from this source? Cite the sources you used to find this information.

(3) Summarize the main points of the story in your own words. (2-3 bullet points or sentences)

(2) How would you describe the tone of this piece? Quote words or phrases from the news piece to support your description.

(6) Identify 3 techniques, strategies, terms, or processes from our discussion of greenhouse gases and climate change which were seen or discussed in this video. What is the purpose or effect of each?

(3) Quote three terms, ideas, or processes from the piece that are unfamiliar to you. Look up and provide their definitions or research a description of an idea or process with which you’re unfamiliar.

(4) Analyze the ideas, opinions or issues involved in this story. Write a short personal response to the article – what is your opinion or reaction to the topic/issue? You may use the following questions as guidelines.
What is likely the purpose of this piece?
Does the piece speak appropriately to whom you think is its intended audience?
Is information presented objectively or based upon a decided viewpoint?
What questions does it make you ask?
Do you agree or disagree with the article’s stance?

What did you find interesting, puzzling or informative about the article?


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