Compare the racism African Americans are facing today vs back then. Talk about various stereotypes like physical appearances, music, food, etc. Talk about how African American kids act towards others as a result of these stereotypes and how they act amongst each other. The urban areas they are put into, jobs they can get into, and life quality expectancy. Compare black vs white men. Compare black vs Mexicans. Propose a solution to fix it and vaguely mention historical black figures. This essay should be Chicago style format. Double spaces 5 pages. 12 point font.

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My introduction paragraph is attached below.

Sabbah, Skye

Professor Strickland

Afro-American History


Current Racism

Back then, the word slave was used to address many African- Americans who were being kept in bondage. Now, this word is a highly sensible one that’s isn’t used anymore. Racism isn’t as publicized as it used to be, but it does still linger. Whether a person hates the minority is optional but some other reactions take place. For instance, at first glance an African-American man from downtown may look like a predator to some people purely based upon his appearance. Black people in general have certain foods, physical features and personal interests associated with the clear majority of them, but realistically do not apply to all. These stereotypes are bad for both black people and the witness because the can determine how either reacts to the situation. Not only interracial interactions, but communications with those of the same backgrounds can be affected from stereotypes. In addition to these conflicts, options for these minority cultures are reduced to a minimum whether it be job opportunities, neighborhoods to live in, and overall expectations in life. Take the life quality expectation for a black man versus that of a white man and you’ll see an immense amount of differences. On the other hand, if you take a Mexican man and a black man you can find a big amount of similarities. Of course, there is a way to fix this by trying to improve ourselves as individuals. Throughout history there has been brave individuals who are now historical figures and some heroes to be looked and modeled after. Never the less, the way society has corrupted the African-American image today is proof that some form of racism still exists.

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