Vital Organs / Unconscious State

After studying the course materials located onModule 5: Lecture Materials & Resourcespage, answer the following:Name some very important organs that are not vital organs.List the functional description of all the normal vital organs, including today’s exceptions.Is it possible to live without a vital organ? Why? Example?Distinction between assisting or substituting vital organs. Bioethical analysis.Do the following practices assist or substitute the vital organ? Why?DialysisRespiratorVentilatorTracheotomyCPRRead and summarize ERD PART FIVE Introduction.Unconscious state: Definition.Clinical definitions of different states of unconsciousness: Compare and contrastBenefit vs Burden: bioethical analysis.Submission Instructions:The submission is to be clear and concise and students will lose points for improper grammar, punctuation, and misspelling.If references are used, please cite properly according to the current APA style.Read and watch the lecture resources & materials below early in the week to help you respond to the discussion questions and to complete your assignment(s).(Note: The citations below are provided for your research convenience. You should always cross reference the current APA guide for correct styling of citations and references in your academic work.)ReadEthical and Religious Directives (ERD) for Catholic Health Care Services (6th ed.). (2018).PART FIVE: IntroductionPHI 3633 WK 5-A.pdfDownload PHI 3633 WK 5-A.pdfPHI 3633 WK 5-B.pdfDownload PHI 3633 WK 5-B.pdfDISTINCTION BETWEEN ASSISTING AND SUBSTITUTING VITAL ORGANS.pdfDownload DISTINCTION BETWEEN ASSISTING AND SUBSTITUTING VITAL ORGANS.pdfWatchCioffi, A. (2019, March 9). BIO 603 VITAL ORGANS ASSIST SUBST 3 9 19 [Video file]. Retrieved fromBIO 603 VITAL ORGANS ASSIST SUBST 3 9 19Cioffi, A. (2019, March 24). BIO 603 UNCONSCIOUS 3 23 19 [Video file]. Retrieved fromBIO 603 UNCONSCIOUS 3 23 19

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