Web Services

Creating an Example Web Services Project.There are many tools and frameworks that can be used to build web services. We will follow the ASP.NET MVC framework for our project this week and future projects.This walkthrough assumes that the .NET development environment has already been set up on your computer (what we did in Assignment 3 which is SSMS and VSC download). Now, we build aDerby databaseand then services needed for our Mobile apps (see script file in this folder) – you will need to execute the script in SSMS; this will create theDerby databaseon your computer. For this assignment:Download/Save the script file to a known location on your computerStart SSMS, connect to your local server (this is your local computer name), then Open a Project/SolutionLocate/open the script file provided (will see the script content in the SSMS program pane)Highlight all of the script lines, then click;ExecuteLet the script finish execution completely – after successfully executing this scriptIn the SSMS Object editor pane, see a new Derby database createdExpand Derby then right click Database Diagrams to create a new Database DiagramHighlight two tables (DerbyNames and Leagues) and AddMake two screenshots; one that shows the script completed successfully and one that shows the new Derby database diagram (which looks like the one in Figure 3-1, page 43).  Submit these two screenshots as deliverables for Assignment 4.Ref: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cre6nTVcYob

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