Week 5 Building blocks

Building Blocks of Managing Team Performance (Paper or Presentation)There are six building blocks of managing team performance. In two to three paragraphs, describe each of the building blocks and what role they play in team performance. Give examples of actions a leader would take to support each of the building blocks.The Building Blocks of Managing Team Performance:DirectionGoal alignmentPerformance monitoringOngoing feedbackCoaching and developmentRewards, recognition, compensationYour completed assignment must adhere to the following parameters:Be a 3- to 5-page paper (not including title and reference pages)oran 8- to 10-minute presentation (presentation tools such as Prezi, GoogleSlides, PowerPoint, Keynote, or others can be used).Be supported by a minimum of three credible, academic or professional sources. Remember, you must support your thinking and prior knowledge with references, even in a video presentation.Include an APA style reference list at the end of the paper or with your presentation file.Review the grading rubric.Be formatted according to theCSU Global Writing Center (Links to an external site.).

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