week7 case study

The case discussion is designed to make you think strategically at the CIO/CISO level. In your discussion focus on how you would deal with each of these situations if you were the CIO/CISO thus integrated both your business acumen and your technical knowledge. .Case Study: Losing Data HurtsActionsCompare and contrast the issues contained in the questions below in 3-5 pages double spaced with citations.How should a corporation respond to a large-scale loss of customer data?How might a corporation be hurt by acknowledging a large-scale data loss?As data loss admissions become more widespread, how would they affect consumers’ willingness to share information with corporations?How should a corporation decide the appropriate level of resources to devote to securing its data?Why is the healthcare sector such a big target for data thieves?Why are corporations worried about insider threats with respect to data loss?View RubricCase Study Rubric (4)Case Study Rubric (4)CriteriaRatingsPtsAbstract and Introductionview longer description/ 3 ptsCompare and Contract the Elementsview longer description/ 15 ptsConclusionview longer description/ 4 ptsReferencesview longer description/ 3 pts

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