A 7-year-old boy has a one-week history of leg pains. He wakes up at night and cries because his legs hurt; however, during the day, he feels fine with no pain and no movement limitations. He has no history of trauma, fever, or joint swelling. The family history is negative for rheumatic or collagen vascular disease. The boy’s height and weight are at the 50th percentile for age, he is afebrile, and the physical examination is unremarkable.QuestionsWhat are 3 differential diagnoses of leg pains in school-age children? Include the pathophysiology of the 3 differentials.What laboratory or radiographic studies are appropriate for children with leg pains? ExplainHow do musculoskeletal injuries in children differ from those in adults? In terms of injury type and location.How does the nurse practitioner decide the extent of the diagnostic work-up in a child with extremity pain?What fractures are common in pediatric patients, and what are the ages associated with them?Choosing one of the diagnoses you’ve come with; how would you treat the condition?

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