Western Kentucky University Issues Prompt

Essay #2 Prompt: University Issues

Your Mission: To write persuasive essay, using one outside source on something concerning you and you experience here at WKU. Employ logical reasons that your position on this issue should be considered, supporting it with emotional and ethical pleas, if appropriate. The essay will be at least 1000 words, and must be in MLA format (12 point font, double spaced, with one inch margins, with in-text citation and a work cited page.)

Be mindful when choosing a topic. As you will be writing a persuasive essay, choose something that warrants analysis and exploration, as well as something that you can get passionate about! Remember that your goal could just as easily be to persuade your reader to celebrate something positive about our university, as it could be to draw attention to an issue you are concerned about.

A word about sources: Our newspaper, University Heights, has an excellent website with archived articles about campus issues. But you may also use sources from academic departments, campus organizations, even the local Bowling Green newspaper, is the source pertains to our university and your topic. You may use more than one source if you like, but you must use at least one.

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