Answer the following questions in essay form. These are complex questions which require detailed answers in long essay format. Assignments are graded on content, composition, and grammar. Use the course writing rubric as a writing guide. 25 pts.


1. What type of government does the United States have? Is it the most democratic government possible? Do citizens make the decisions of government or do they merely influence them?

Sample essay:

Here is a suggestion for you on these questions. These are designed to see your comprehension and understanding of the concepts. They should have answers which are several paragraphs. To build your answers follow this structure:

1. State the main issue or issues

2. Explain what they mean

3. Give examples

4. Apply them to the question/s

So, let say you have question was as follows:

An autocracy is a form of government which often has issues with protecting the rights of its individuals. What means of government do autocracies function under? Would these preclude protecting the rights of individuals? Would a democracy have problems with this form of government and means of governance?

1. Describe what an autocracy is: Autocracies are forms of government which have one all powerful leader

2. What does it mean: These leaders have all power. They are either dictators or absolute monarchs, often found in the MIddle East or Africa. They are not subject to any law except that they make themselves.

3. Give an example: Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are examples of this sort of form of government.

4. Absolute leaders, they are not necessarily interested in the will of the people, but their own leadership choices

5. Autocracies often function either as authoritarian or totalitarian governments. Authoritarian governments tend to try and control every aspect of society and the economy, but are often limited by the power of a social or economic group such as religious or economic leaders. Saudi Arabia operates under this means. Totalitarian governments control all social and economic aspects of a nation. They always move to eliminate any organization or individuals which would oppose it. Nazi Germany functioned this way.

6. These forms of government, functioning by these means would not respect individual freedom or liberty, as they aren’t designed to consider these as important. The will of the single ruler is more important than the governed. No protections of these rights are given.

7. A democracy, which is designed to respect the will of the many, through the election of the leadership by the people. The social contract in constitutional government acts to protect the rights and freedoms of the people. These rights include freedom of speech and the equal protection of all citizens such as in the US Constitution. People in a democracy would have great difficulty surrendering these rights and protections to an all powerful leader who is responsible to none.

I hope these helps some of you who are struggling with this. The questions require this structure, facts and examples to support a conclusion.

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