Write 7 page t a psychological test instrument is who disability assessment schedule (WHODAS 2.0) that includes elements described below:

  • APA format which is correct in all areas indicated:


Use of past tense

Text citations

Reference list matching text citations

Use of quotations



And all other conventions of APA format style

Five references or more were cited appropriately in APA style in both text and references list, within the past 10 years.

– At least four of the references were from peer-reviewed journals, library bibliographic references, or other scholarly literature.

-The scholarly references were germane to the topic.The remaining references, which could be from popular media sources or the internet were clearly and directly related to the topic.

Elements of Assignment:The following elements must be incorporated into a critique of a psychological assessment instrument:

  • Test title
  • Publisher and date of publication
  • Description of the purpose and nature of the test
  • Professionals who are qualified to administer, score and interpret the test,
  • Test forms available
  • Populations for whom the instrument may be appropriately administered
  • How the test is scored
  • Standardized scoring procedures
  • Test administration procedures
  • Examinee response method
  • Type of test item
  • Scales of response choices
  • Theoretical basis of the test
  • Validity and reliability studies and results.
  • Criticisms that have been made of the test by other professionals.
  • Uses of the tests by other professionals.
  • Potential usefulness of the test to counselor
  • 18.Recommendations for practice with the test.
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