Resource:Brochure Builderor any other brochure-building program of your choiceNow that your team has identified risk factors and explored the relationship between the factors of delinquency, the team needs to now focus on prevention.Discuss, as a team, possible prevention programs that would be a good fit for the selected risk factors before deciding on a programmatic approach.Create a brochure that describes the program to the local community and potential consumers.Include the following in your brochure:A mission statement – What is the goal of your program?A summary of the risk factors you are addressing and their potential link to juvenile delinquency (feel free to use information from your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, along with any relevant feedback from the facilitator)Specific information about your program and why you think it reduces the risk of juvenile delinquencyA minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sourcesSubmit your assignment.

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