Write 5 journals and 500 words summary

Journal Entries

1. Maintain a weekly journal on your behavior change project.

The first journal entry on Feb 10th must include the following (one page):

Your specific behavior change goal?

What health component are you trying to improve?

How you are going to implement your goal?

Problems you might encounter throughout the semester?

Future health benefits of your goal?

How will your goal improve or complicate your life?

1 journal entry per week from February 1 7 – March 17, 2019 (minimum of 10 sentences each entry) There should be a total of 5 journal.

Success or complication/failures of the week?

Unexpected problems that created barriers on your success? How will you overcome these barriers?

Has your goal improved or complicated your life?

Is your goal affecting any of the other dimensions of wellness in either a positive or negative manner?

2.Your final reflection will be a summary of your behavior change progress over the course of the semester. You will write a short reflection (500-650 words) of your progress with the behavior you selected to change. Your reflection will address the following questions:

    • Restate your specific behavior change goal and health component you were trying to improve? Restate how you went about implementing your goal?
    • Identify a major success or complication/failure of the 6-weeks behavior change project?
    • Identify a major unexpected problem that created a barrier to your success? How did you overcome that barrier?
    • Has your goal affected any of the other dimensions of wellness in either a positive or negative manner?
    • Have you reaped any health benefits from your goal?
    • How has your experience changed the way you think about behavior change for yourself and others?
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